What's New

1.0.0 The Introduction to the Universe

Welcome to the latest edition of the Far From Home Galactopedia. This segment is dedicated to detailing the most recent enhancements and additions that have been integrated to augment the experience of the interstellar adventure. As the game's universe undergoes constant development, this update provides a comprehensive overview of the anticipated features in the upcoming alpha MVP release.

What's New in Galactopedia:

  • Expanding the Universe: Stay tuned for the unveiling of new star systems and diverse planets, each offering unique exploration and colonization opportunities.

  • Asteroid and Ice Formations: Explore the newly added categories of asteroids and ice formations, each with unique characteristics and strategic importance for mining and resource gathering.

  • Hangar Capabilities: Discover the expanded options for ship customization within the hangar, allowing for a more personalized and strategic approach to spacecraft management.

  • Production: Explore the depth of the game's production system. From the initial extraction of resources to the intricate processes within Refinery and Manufacture Complexes, understand how raw materials are transformed into valuable commodities and components.

Upcoming Features and Insights

  • Expanding Production Horizons: Prepare for the expansion of the production system, introducing new resources, advanced manufacturing techniques, and complex components.

  • Hangar Upgrades and Innovations: Anticipate future enhancements in hangar capabilities, focusing on improving the available details in spacecraft management and customization.

  • Planetary Industry: Look forward to the integration of the planetary industry, adding a new layer of depth to resource management and colony development.

What's New in Development

  • MVP Release Preparation: We are actively testing and making performance updates while preparing for the MVP release, which will primarily focus on asteroid mining. This phase is crucial for ensuring a smooth and engaging experience for all travelers.

  • Ongoing Development Efforts: Our development team is dedicated to refining and enhancing game mechanics, balancing the gameplay, and ensuring optimal performance.

  • Anticipating Future Expansions: While our current focus is on perfecting asteroid mining mechanics, prototypes for expanding into other aspects of the game, including planetary industry and other star systems are already underway.

Galactopedia 1.0.0 is a comprehensive source for understanding and mastering the complex systems within Far From Home. As the game grows and evolves, so will this Galactopedia, ensuring you are always equipped with the knowledge to explore, build, and thrive in the vast expanse of space. Welcome to the adventure – the universe awaits.

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