Manufactory Complex

The Manufactury Complex allows citizens to process resources obtained from the refining process to a more valuable advanced materials.

The Manufactury Complex allows citizens to process resources obtained from refining to a more valuable materials. The manufacturing process is done through production orders, which can be dispatched at manufacturing interface.

Citizens leverage this facility to elevate resources refined from raw ores into more valuable materials, crafting the sinews and structures of galactic civilization. Production orders are the driving force of the manufacturing process, each dispatched via an intuitive manufacturing interface, ensuring a seamless transformation from raw potential to tangible utility.


Refined resources undergo a transformative synthesis into materials. Here, the alchemy of industrial science turns simple elements into versatile materials, each with distinct properties tailored for a variety of manufacturing purposes. From the sturdy metals that form the skeleton of ships to the complex polymers that compose habitat domes, these materials are as diverse as the worlds from which they're sourced. The material synthesis stage is about adding value and functionality, preparing these resources for the next phase of their industrial lifecycle.


Hydrogen + Carbon


Oxygen + Calcium + Silicon


Basic Components

The synthesized materials are then precision-crafted into basic components. These are the gears, circuits, and panels that, while simple in isolation, form the foundation of more complex machinery, finding their way into everything from habitation modules to life-support systems. The fabrication of basic components is a delicate balance of efficiency and precision, ensuring that these parts meet the stringent quality standards required for the next tier of production.

MaterialBasic Components


Steel Rod

Steel Plate

Steel Tube

Advanced Components

With the galaxy's growing demand for technology, the Complex is adept at transforming basic components into sophisticated advanced components. These are the processors, power cores, data cells, and life support systems powering advanced machinery and critical systems aboard starships, space stations, and colonies. Engineering advanced components require a deep understanding of the intricate interplay between form and function.

Basic ComponentsAdvanced Components

Silicon Wafer

Data Cell

Data Cable

Arsenic As

Platinum Pt

Essentials and Consumables Production

The Manufacturing Complex produces a range of Resource Essentials and Consumables, a category that encompasses vital items like fuel, rates for colonies, and other consumable items such as drill heads, and more. This category is essential for maintaining the day-to-day operations and functionality of colonies, ships, and other structures in the game. The production of these consumables involves careful consideration of their usage rates, demand, and strategic importance in the universe. Managing and optimizing the production of these items is key to ensuring the smooth operation of various systems and the success of player-led endeavors.

  • Fuel Production: The lifeblood of any spacefaring vessel or operation, fuel production is a primary focus. This includes the synthesis of various types of fuels, each tailored for different engines and energy requirements. The careful crafting of fuel, with its complex chemical compositions, is critical for ensuring the efficiency and longevity of space travel and operations.

  • Colony Supplies: This includes a range of materials and goods necessary for the smooth running of colonies. From environmental regulators to sustenance materials, these supplies are vital for maintaining the quality of life and functionality of colony habitats in various celestial environments.

  • Specialized Tools and Equipment: This encompasses a variety of consumable items such as drill heads, combines, and other machinery parts. These items are essential for mining operations, construction projects, and maintenance tasks across the galaxy. The manufacturing of these tools involves precision engineering to ensure durability and effectiveness in the harsh conditions of space.

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