CPU Boost

24-Hour CPU stake service

CPU boost allows users to buy staked CPU for WAX or in-game currency (Soren). It's mainly a service for boosting the game flow & experience in situations when players don't have enough resources to continue. As a side effect, this utility represents a burning mechanism for the currency in circulation, with no additional inflationary impact on the game's economy.

  • 100% of used in-game currency (Soren) is burned

  • WAX is used for new pool creation and maintenance

CPU Boost is currently available at: https://farfromhome.io/boost

What is CPU?

More information at: https://wax-io.medium.com/psa-understanding-cpu-usage-and-fluctuations-in-accordance-with-staking-on-wax-84f88ef03f5f

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