Industrial Ships

The backbone of the galactic economy, industrial ships serve a pivotal role in resource acquisition, transportation, and production within the universe.

In the dynamic and expansive universe of Far From Home, industrial ships are the backbone of the galactic economy, playing an indispensable role in resource acquisition, transportation, and production within the cosmos. This capability marks a significant evolution in space commerce, drastically reducing the reliance on terrestrial processing facilities and opening new frontiers in the galactic economy.

At the heart of these industrial titans is a synergy of advanced technology and robust design. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, cutting-edge propulsion systems, and innovative resource processing technologies, these ships are built to withstand the rigors of space travel and operation in some of the most challenging environments known.

The design and functionality of industrial ships in Far From Home are centered around the specific tasks they are meant to perform. These range from prospecting and exploration to heavy mining and large-scale resource transportation. Each class of ship is a unique entity, tailored to excel in its designated role.

Prospecting & Mining

Prospecting Ships, as the forefront of space exploration and resource discovery are the eyes and ears of the industrial fleet. These vessels are exquisitely crafted for deep-space reconnaissance, acting as the precursors to large-scale mining operations. Prospecting Ships are designed to navigate swiftly and economically through space, utilizing minimal fuel while maximizing their exploration range. Their primary mission is to scan unexplored territories, identify resource-rich asteroid formations, and lay the groundwork for future resource extraction operations.

Reflecting their dual role of exploration and initial mining, the design of Prospecting Ships is a harmonious blend of compactness and resilience. They are engineered for endurance, capable of sustaining long-term missions in environments ranging from the relative calm of asteroid belts to the perilous fringes of volatile cosmic phenomena.

The strategic advantage of using Prospecting Ships also lies in their ability to efficiently explore and evaluate large sectors of space. When a potentially lucrative asteroid field or other resource location is identified, miners can then deploy the more fuel-intensive and powerful Heavy Mining Vessels to commence extraction

  • Lightweight, Durable Construction: Ensuring maneuverability and durability, even in the harsh conditions of space.

  • High-Efficiency Fuel Systems: Allowing for prolonged exploration missions without the frequent need for refueling.

  • Advanced Scanning and Analytical Tools: Enabling accurate assessment of resource potential and strategic planning for subsequent mining operations.

  • Preliminary Mining Equipment: Compact, efficient mining gear designed for initial ore extraction and sample collection.

Heavy Mining

Heavy Mining Ships are the epitome of strength and efficiency. These Mining Ships are designed to manage the most demanding mining tasks with one primary purpose: the efficient and effective extraction of vast quantities of resources. They come into play following the initial reconnaissance and identification of resource-rich sites by Prospecting Ships. These behemoths are equipped with powerful drilling rigs, massive cargo holds, and advanced processing units capable of handling large quantities of ores and minerals.

The design of Heavy Mining Ships is a reflection of their robust functionality and durability against harsh conditions of space mining environments. These colossal vessels are the heart of large-scale mining operations, engineered to handle the intensive demands of extracting valuable minerals and compounds from asteroids, and other celestial bodies.

In Far From Home, the deployment of Heavy Mining Ships is a significant strategic decision. Their operation requires considerable resources, including fuel and crew, but the payoff is substantial. Successfully mining a resource-rich site can yield a high volume of materials, crucial for advancing a player's economic and technological capabilities.

  • Reinforced Hulls and Shields: Offering protection against the physical stresses of mining operations and potential impacts.

  • Massive Storage Capacities: Designed to hold large quantities of raw materials, these ships can operate for extended periods before needing to offload their cargo.

  • Powerful Extraction Equipment: Armed with high-powered extractors and advanced extraction technologies, they can rapidly process vast quantities of ore.

Ice Mining

Ice Mining Ships emerge as a specialized and crucial segment within the broader class of Industrial Ships, playing a vital role in the cosmic economy. These vessels delve into the heart of the galaxy's coldest realms, extracting frozen volatiles such as hydrogen, deuterium, and helium-3 from the distant reaches of asteroid belts and the outer rings of planets. The significance of ice mining cannot be understated, as it taps into the very essence of survival and advancement in space. The primary targets of Ice Mining operations, are more than mere substances. They represent the elemental building blocks of life and the core components of the fuels that power interstellar journeys.

The operation of Ice Mining Ships is a symphony of precision, and innovative technologies specifically geared towards ice mining. These ships are uniquely designed to navigate and operate in the treacherously cold voids of space. Their mission is twofold: to sustain human life in the harsh environment of space and to fuel the ambitious endeavors of interstellar travel and exploration.

  • Ice Harvesting Equipment: Advanced ice drilling and harvesting systems specifically designed to extract frozen water and volatile compounds efficiently.

  • Storage and Processing Facilities: Onboard storage tanks and processing units, allowing the separation, purification and safe storage during transit.

  • Robust Propulsion Systems: Fitted with powerful propulsion systems for navigation and positioning near ice deposits.

*The detailed ship characteristics will be revealed in future versions of the Galactopedia. These values represent the current state of the alpha version and may not accurately reflect the final game balance.

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