Every piece of equipment, building, space craft, and space station is a product of a series of events, from ore mining to reprocessing into elements, through to construction as a usable product.

The production mechanics are a sophisticated network that transforms the raw bounty of the cosmos into the sinews of galactic civilization. This intricate system is at the heart of the game's universe, where players engage in the delicate dance of turning extracted resources into the very fabric of interstellar human presence.

The production journey begins with the extraction of ores and ice, the raw materials scattered throughout the star systems. These primary resources are the foundation of the production line, harvested from the rugged landscapes of distant planets and the silent majesty of drifting asteroids.

Once collected, these ores and ice are refined into pure elements, stripping away impurities and transforming them into versatile building blocks. These elements are then skillfully crafted into a variety of materials, each tailored for different aspects of construction and manufacturing. This stage is crucial, for it is here that the raw potential of base elements is honed into practical materials that form the key pillars of technological advancement.

From materials, the production ascends to the creation of basic components. These are the nuts and bolts of the world, used to piece together everything from life-support units to propulsion engines. The leap from basic to advanced components marks the transition into sophisticated production, enabling the creation of complex machinery and pivotal equipment. Advanced components are the keystones of high-level constructs, from the intricate circuitry of production modules to the vast panels of building parts.

The highest level of the production process is the assembly of specialized products, colossal space stations, colonies and industrial ships. These end-products are triumphs of engineering and resource management, encapsulating the full might of industrial capability. Constructing these marvels is the ultimate display of influence and power within the universe, symbolizing the achievement of industrial mastery in the unforgiving expanse of space.

Production is conducted primarily at main NPC Station and, in the future updates, in certain colony buildings and space structures.

Introduction to the Production Tree

Far From Home boasts a comprehensive and detailed production tree that serves as the backbone of the game's economic and crafting system. This multi-tiered structure forms a complex chain of production that industrialists must navigate to turn raw materials into sophisticated technology and infrastructure necessary for space colonization and advancement.

Detailed Production Stages

The production tree starts with the collection of basic raw materials:

  • Ores/Ice: The foundation of all production, raw ores and ice are mined from planets and asteroids. Ice, particularly, can yield vital elements such as hydrogen and oxygen, essential for life support and fuel.

  • Elements: Through the refinement process, raw ores and ice are processed into pure elements, the fundamental ingredients for more complex materials.

  • Materials: These elements are further combined and treated to form various materials with different properties and uses, setting the stage for component manufacturing.

  • Basic Components: With materials ready, the production shifts towards creating basic components. These are the essential parts used in the construction of more complex machinery and devices.

  • Advanced Components: From basic components, players can create advanced components. This category includes specialized parts for production machinery, consumables, equipment, and building parts.

  • Specialized Products: The final stage utilizes advanced components in the construction of specialized products like space stations and ships. This is where the most significant value addition occurs, as players create the most sophisticated and functional structures within the game.

As Far From Home progresses, the scope of resource processing will broaden. Future versions of the game will introduce multiple open star systems, each potentially housing its own Production Complexes. These additional complexes will enable the processing of resources on-site at stations and planetary locations, streamlining the supply chain from extraction to market. This expansion will mark a shift in the industrial paradigm, from centralized processing within the alpha station to a more distributed model, allowing for increased efficiency and localized economic development.

Please be aware that the current Galactopedia entry does not yet reflect the planetary gameplay production architecture. Detailed mechanics regarding planetary production will be comprehensively elaborated in future updates of the Galactopedia.

Note: This Galactopedia entry is based on known data up to 2023 and may be subject to revisions with newer discoveries. It serves as a comprehensive guide for travelers, engineers, and enthusiasts alike, ensuring that knowledge remains accessible to all.

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