Ship Renting

Ship Renting allows citizens to rent their spacecraft to others in exchange for Soren currency.

Ship Renting allows players to rent their spacecraft to others in exchange for Soren, the in-game currency. This feature not only enhances player interaction and economic dynamics but also opens up new strategic possibilities within the game.

The Ship Renting system functions through a streamlined and efficient model. Owners can list their ships for renting, setting terms such as duration and cost. When another player rents a ship, they pay the agreed-upon amount in Soren. A significant aspect of this system is the implementation of a 5% fee on each transaction, which is deducted from the payment and then burned, effectively removing it from the economy.

This mechanism not only facilitates a robust renting market but also serves as a sink for the in-game currency, helping to maintain economic balance.

Ship Renting offers several strategic advantages:

  • For Owners: Owners of advanced or specialized ships can monetize their assets when not in use, earning Soren and contributing to their economic progress within the game.

  • For Borrowers: Players who may not have the resources to own certain ships can temporarily access them, allowing for a wider range of missions and experiences.

  • Accessibility for New Players: Newer players or those with fewer resources can access higher-tier ships temporarily, allowing them to undertake missions or exploration they otherwise couldn't.

  • Dynamic Economy: The system contributes to a dynamic, player-driven economy, where supply and demand directly influence the renting market.

Please note that Ship Renting will not be available in the initial Alpha release of Far From Home. The introduction of this utility is planned for a future update, targeted for 2024.

Note: This Galactopedia entry is based on known data up to 2023 and may be subject to revisions with newer discoveries. It serves as a comprehensive guide for travelers, engineers, and enthusiasts alike, ensuring that knowledge remains accessible to all.

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